NCAA, NFL, NBA: Boom or Bust……..Meet Their Ridiculous Expectations…..By: Daxton Bonnewell

Updated: March 29, 2016

Boom or bust By Daxton Bonnewell

Boom or Bust. That is a term you hear constantly when discussing a collegiate athlete who has set the national stage on fire. You look at guys in the NCAA March Madness tournament currently; Buddy Hield, Denzel Valentine and others. You see tremendous NBA starter potential, unfortunately, their careers could go very differently.

Top NBA and NFL drafts picks have the pressure on them to meet their ridiculous expectations right away. The cookie doesn’t always crumble that way however.

According to the average NBA player has a career length of 4.8 years, whilst the NFL player has an average length of 3.2 years. Most of the premier players in those respective leagues that you would hear or read about have been playing for quite some time.

However, there is the select few on ESPN that have not even been playing the sport professionally for a full year yet. Those are the mythical prospects, the future stars, potential hall of famers.

While there are some top picks that dominate, looking at the NBA for example you have guys like Jordan, Ewing, Magic, Shaq the list goes on. The flip side to that is those all too well known “Draft Busts”. Guys like Kwame Brown, Sam Bowie, Greg Oden, Darko Milicic I could write about these guys forever.

Now, why are some of these guys hated by the fans of the organizations that drafted them? Was it because there were still players on the board that went on to have productive and some superstar careers? Probably. But, for these athletes, seeing their names plastered around being called “Busts” or “Scrubs” or “waste of a pick” is tough to see.

The pressure on these young guys is immense. Most of which are no older than 22 years old and are expected to produce as much if not more than those who have been in the sport professionally for years.

As a person for the longest time was labeled as the best in the nation or the best in their state are now considered some of the worst players ever. It’s tragic really, these future stars, potential perennial all stars, are now reduced to the worst of the worst, the worst picks ever, complete busts.

One day the term draft bust will be completely eliminated. The professional athlete is a selective group, only a small portion of the entire population are professional athletes. These guys are good enough to be chosen at the top of their draft class. Just because someone who doesn’t put up 20 points a game doesn’t mean he isn’t a good player. Just know next time you call someone a bust, those words will last a lifetime.