NFL Fans By Stephen Siracusa

Updated: March 27, 2016

The attitude amongst football fans is the worst of all other sports.  Fans that share the same team allegiance can’t even get along amongst themselves.  Just posting an opinion in regards to who would be a good draft pick for a favorite team on the team’s site garners inexcusable negative reaction.

There are fans that choose to insult others intelligence and there are some that choose to be self righteous and act like they’re a pro coach.
The truth of the matter is we are all entitled to our opinions and we should all respect that.  If anything opinions can and should spark friendly conversation and debate; that is what those sites should be for.

 Instead the ugliness that rears its head just makes it disappointing that sharing a common love for football and the same team doesn’t somehow drive us into a brotherhood where we all support one another.

Fans are quick to wish for the up and coming players that have the most hype and are the most publicized.  Fans want the most popular and well known college athletes to be drafted.

 What they don’t always consider is that beyond the abilities that a player has, do they also have a good personality?  Will they get along with the current team that is in place?  A team can easily be disrupted by one player coming in.
 We have seen this by the likes of Terrell Owens who wanted to be a one man show to get as much attention for him as possible.  Even though he was a great player he really created chaos on the team.
The fine balance of putting a team together that works well can be destroyed by one player that doesn’t share in the same commitment and values as the rest of the team.  Ray Rice is another prime example of how one player can act as an individual but bring negative actions to an entire team.

The Baltimore Raven’s image was tarnished by one player’s dealings outside of the game.  His actions brought a negative connotation to all players because people tend to relate one bad apple to the whole barrel.  The negative publicity that was received from this incident impacted the entire team not just the player that created the infraction.

Another thing that fans do is turn their backs on a player the minute they have a bad game.  Last year was a good example of this when Dez Bryant’s performance for the Cowboys was hampered by an injured foot.

 People that previously adored and admired the Wide Receiver were now upset that he was unable to perform the way he did a year before.  Fans love a player when they are at their best but can turn into rabid dogs when the tides aren’t so high.
Brandon Carr is example of how the Cowboy fans wanted a top performer an addition to their team.  When he first came in he was playing great and the fans loved him.
 But as his performance waivered some of the fans wanted to cut him and send him on his way.  With the changes in defense that were put in place his job wasn’t as easy as it once was.

Even though his performance reduced some, he is a very committed player, even showing up to play in a game when his mother passed away.  There should be some loyalty to a player like this, instead the fans just show how ugly and disrespectful they can be at the snap of a finger.

Fans aren’t very understanding when a new player comes into an existing team.  Newbies have to learn a whole new offense and defense.  They have to learn to clique with their new team mates.

Players have a whole new coaching staff that they have to adjust to.  This is very stressful to a player coming in and can affect their playing ability at first.  Instead of supporting their new acquisition fans will tear them apart.

At the end of the day we are all fans because we enjoy the sport.  We have our favorite team that we cheer on week after week.  It would be such a better experience if fans (at least fans from the same team) could enjoy friendly banter and debate.  Football is meant to be entertainment and that is what we all should enjoy it as.