Go Pros Changing The Way We Look At Sports By Stephen Siracusa / Sports Life magazine

Updated: April 4, 2016

This is an exciting time to be an athlete.  Technology has proven to make sports so much more involved than in years prior.  Replays, referee reviews, and the use of GoPro cameras help to let the spectator get up close and personal to the action.  

GoPro cameras also allow for the athletes to go back and analyze their own skills and learn from past performances. Due to the fact that GoPro cameras are waterproof and weatherproof it can capture excitement of whatever activities you enjoy, GoPro has a variety different models to choose from depending on what you are going to do with it.

These little cameras are getting more and more popular with kids and adults because they are very easy to use right from the box it’s all ready to capture action that you want to share with friends or family or even on social media and they are an inexpensive way to see in first person view the action of any sport.

There is a list full of accessories you can get for your GoPro such as a chest vest, tripod, multiple different size memory cards and much more. For example, this weekend, GoPros will be used during the CNY sled hockey tournament, another accessory you can buy is a head strap which stretches around the hockey helmet .

The footage captured during play will allow viewers to get a feel of what it is like to be in the actual sled on the ice competing.  The use of this technology will hopefully attract more individuals that want to try this sport.

GoPro is the next best thing to being in the heat of the action of any sport you can think of.  GoPro is the wave of the future in action sports.