MLB: Now or Never for Potential World Series Champs: By Daxton Bonnewell

Updated: April 18, 2016


It is a new year for baseball, and a new year for teams to breakout and prove their rosters strength. There are teams like the Blue Jays, Cubs, Dodgers,  Mets and the Nationals  who are just on the edge of winning a World Series. Being that it is an even year the San Francisco Giants are always in play somehow. This year however, is a year that teams who have been on the outside looking in must show up. The clock is ticking.

Looking at the Toronto Blue Jays they have all the tools to win the World Series. They have big time names, Jose Bautista, Josh Donaldson, Troy Tulowitzki and others. Josh Donaldson blew up last year smashing out 41 home runs. And the Blue Jays shocked some doubters by winning the AL east and getting all the way to the ALCS. Many think that their championship window is slowly closing and they need to make their push to try and get that World Series win.

There is the Cubs out of Chicago and their slew of young talent. Kris Bryant, the young gun from the University of San Diego, is expected to dominate and potentially be the best guy on the Cubbies roster. With an average age of about 28.8 this Cubs team is expected to do big things for many years to come. But with a follow up season to last years 97-65 outing, and a deep playoff run will aid the Cubs with attracting free agents and their chances of being a team that sticks around in the NLCS for quite some time.

Next up on this list of teams who need to get it together fast is the LA Dodgers. The Dodgers have had the highest payroll in the league since 2013. They have had all the talent, they just can’t seem to get it done. With Greinke leaving and the team being riddled with injuries some are wondering if the Dodgers will even be a contender come October.

When you look at all these teams that are not in the middle of the pack, but the middle of the championship scramble rather, you see that these teams are just a few moves away or just one solid run away from being World Series contenders for a good amount of time. The chase of the World Series crown is everlasting, the MLB is and always will be changing. And time runs out sooner or later. When you see the window beginning to close you must leap for it. To be forever immortalized in history, you have to take advantage, fast. For these teams it’s now or never before their championship window closes.