Commanders in Chief ……..By Stephen Siracusa

Updated: May 26, 2016

It was a rainy, cold Saturday evening May 21st, but that didn’t stop spectators from having a good time enjoying a little semi pro football action as the Auburn Commanders battled the Hamburg Hornets.  By the end of the first quarter the Commanders had taken an impressive 13 point lead.  The Commander’s #83 started things off by catching the first td pass from #5.

Three minutes into the second quarter the Commander’s QB #5 made an impressive run to get the Commanders in the red zone for the third time in the game.  #18 managed to capitalize on the momentum as he received the td pass from #5 and scoring a beautiful touchdown.  A bad snap would next ensue meaning a missed opportunity to add another point on the scoreboard.
With 2:38 left in the first half the Auburn Commander’s defense forced a turnover on downs which allowed the score to remain 19-0.  Some aggressive coaching at half time would send a message to on strong as there was a lot of time left to go before victory could be claimed.

Five minutes into the second half the Hamburg Hornets scored their first points by getting a touchdown and successfully completing the point after to make the score 19-7.  The Hornets would go on to score another touchdown and point after making the score 19-14.  It was then that the Commanders were starting to feel the pressure and needed to get the last minute power plays turned on needed to reach  the end zone for a third time to seal up the wind.  After a successful drive the final score would be 26- 14.  The Commanders didn’t stop there.  They forced a fumble on the kickoff and recovered the ball which locked up the game and catapulted the Auburn Commanders to the top 26-14!

This was an impressive demonstration of the talent that this newly founded team has to offer.  The first home opener for this team will be on June 4th and should prove to be an exciting competition for all to watch.

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