A Close One By Stephen Siracusa

Updated: June 27, 2016


It was a really hot June day Saturday the 18th with temps in the high 80s as the Auburn Commanders took on the Carthage Revolution for some NFA action. The action began when the captains went out to midfield see who would win the coin flip and as a result the Commanders started the game kicking off to the Revolution.
The Revolution didn’t waste any time as they scored on the 2nd play of game and securing a 7-0 lead by making the point after. The first half saw a lot of action from the Revolution. They attempted a field goal early in the 2nd quarter but it was blocked. The Commanders’ #19, Justin McDougle, caught the first touchdown for the Commanders in the 2nd quarter. The Commanders went for two but fell short so the score left the Commanders behind, 7-6 at the end of the half.

The Commanders hydrated a lot and got pumped up during halftime. They Commanders came back and had some impressive plays during the second half. #93, Dominik Sedlak, avoided the defense and went in for a sack showing the Revolution to not yet count out the Commanders. #27, Gus Rindfleisch, ended up with a beautiful punt for the Commanders which ended up forcing a turnover deep in Revolution territory. The crowd was going wild as the team was in the red zone and it looked as though for the first time in the game the Commanders were going to take the lead. Unfortunately, the team failed to score a touchdown on the 3 downs in the red zone so it all came down to a nail biter field goal. The Commanders’ kicker was eagerly warming up on the sideline and was excited to get his chance to bring the game home for his team. The field goal was no good, floating wider right. With only seconds to go the Revolution just downed the ball leaving the Commanders to have to accept defeat. 7-6 was the final score. With practice make perfect so that is what the team will be doing this week in preparation for next week’s game against the Hawks.
Stephen Siracusa