Never Surrender By: Stephen Siracusa

Updated: August 8, 2016

A Trip Back to Saturday, July 9th, was a cool rainy evening, perfect to play some football! The Auburn Commanders traveled to Troy, NY to take on the Troy Fighting Irish. The road trip was a bit longer than usual take 3 hours for the Auburn Commanders to get to the away field to play this big game.

The game started on a positive note with Commanders winning the coin toss and choosing to receive first. The first drive didn’t prove to be very productive as it ended in a forced punt after a 3 and out series.

The rumors were all true; the Fighting Irish were a very tough team. The Irish started on the Commanders 29 yard line and before long the Irish scored. They decided to go for two points and were successful making it 8-0 right out of the gate.

There seemed to be some hope as the next drive the Commanders drove it into Irish territory but all that work was for naught as they threw an interception. The Commanders’defense took the field and did their job with the result of a forced punt. The Commanders went on to show some promising offense and put up their first points by making a field goal making the score 8-3 Irish.

There was more hope to come as on the next drive the Irish fumbled and Commanders’ #54, Cortez Carroll, recovered the ball. Again the Irish’s defense was tough and forced a punt which resulted in a two point conversion driving the score to a 16-3 lead. This wasn’t the end of the bad news as the Commanders would again throw an interception which was converted into a touchdown and two point conversion making the lead seemingly out of reach, 24-3.

A glimmer of hope came just in time as the Irish fumbled and the Commanders’ #91, Dalton Burns, recovered. The Commanders took charge and were able to capitalize with a score from Commanders’ #17, Cazz Rowser from #0 David Jacobs. This was just before the end of the half leaving much work to be done but giving the team a slight lift leaving the field with a 24-9 deficit.

The second half started off with the Irish getting the ball first. Two minutes into the half and the Irish fumbled and the Commanders’ #26, Cruz Johnson, ran in the ball for 6 points closing the gap to 24-15. The Commanders were really showing off their talent as they took the field in the second half. Commanders’ #58, Turk Montana, forced the Irish to fumble the ball on the kickoff and was recovered by #18, Allen Sessions. With one minute left in the 3rd #7, Tre Bachus, caught touchdown pass with and the team successfully made the point after making the game very close, 24-22 Irish.

The score would stay close long as the Irish answered quickly early in the 4th but missed the point after making it a 30-22 game. The Irish scored again with 8 minutes left in the game once again taking a size able lead, 36-22. With two minutes left the Commanders’ defense forced a turnover on downs. With 1:30 left on the clock the Commanders started to push. After multiple catches one was caught in the end zone closing the gap to 36-28.

The Commanders’ special teams tried an onside kick and failed to recover the ball. The Irish ended the game with taking a knee. The final score was 36-28 Irish. It was a hard fought battle to the end.


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