2017 Commanders football By Stephen Siracusa

Updated: May 25, 2017

Game 1 of the 2017 Auburn Commanders Semi Pro Football Season was played Saturday night against the Lockport Rampage in Lockport, NY. Even though it was just a preseason game it was nice to see all the players back on the field and giving it their all.

The Rampage won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball.

The Commanders kicked off and recovered the ball as #6, Shamar Williams, forced fumble and #52, Douglas Harrison, recovered.  This proved to be an exciting play but the Commanders couldn’t get much going so they ended up turning over on downs.

The Commanders’ defense was fired up because #93, Dominique Sedlak, had an aggressive sack which was immediately followed by another sack by #26, Miguel Martinez, that would culminate to turnover on downs.


The Commanders got the ball back and #12, Madison Wolfanger, connected with #17Cazz Rowser,for the 1st down but the Commanders were stopped short so #20, Matthew Claude, punted.

The next drive proved to be advantageous for the Commanders as the Rampage fumbled on the drive and #52, Douglas Harrison, was there to recover.  #12, Madison Wolfanger, the quarterback kept the ball and took it in for the touchdown running 50+ yards.  #20, Matthew Claude followed with the extra point making the score 7-0.

The Rampage tried to introduce a passing game, but it led to a pick by #27, Kevin Walker.   The Rampage recovered a fumble in end zone butthe point after was no good making it a 6-7 game with the Commanders in the lead.

The Rampage quickly came back and scored another 6 points but missed the point after attempt again making it a 12-7game.

The Commanders defense forced a major field position loss with a sack by #52, Douglas Harrisonwith 30seconds remaining in the first half#2, Kenneth Bell, stopped the drive to force a turnover on downs.

The second half continued to go the Rampage way with only 2 minutes ticked off the clock and them scoring another 6 from a punt return making it an 18-7 game.

#7, Tre Bachus, gets a big 1st down after eating some of owner Brandy Townsends famous brownies.  A 54yard pass to #17, Cazz Rowser from #12, Madison Wolfanger, would lead to #5

Danny Giannonne, making a touchdown catch.   The 2-point conversion was good giving #16, Greg Tobias, his first score of this year.  The score was starting to close in, 18-15, The Rampage. 

Just when the Commanders felt like they were back in the game they lospossession from throwing aninterception and watching the Rampage capitalize from it scoring an additional 8 points making it a 26-15 game. 

Commanders threw another interception but this time the defense stopped them and got the ball back. #12, Madison Wolfanger, completeda pass to #17, Cazz Rowser, resulting in a touchdown but they could only come up with 6 on this play failing the point after attempt, 26-21.

The Commanders last effort with time running out was going for an onside kick but unfortunately, they didn’t recoverEven as the last seconds ticked off the clock the Commanders knew they had fought a tough battle but understand they need to improve on some aspects before the 2017 season begins.