Breaking News at Ohio State University By: Stephen Siracusa

Updated: June 5, 2017

Thad Matta will no longer be the Ohio State University Men’s Basketball Coach. He spent 13years coaching the University, accepting the job on July 7, 2004. In a tear struck press conference Monday, Matta is in awe of his career and thanked his family, doctors, athletes, and friends. He understands Ohio State is looking to make a change. His career has not gone unnoticed, he’s won 337 of the 460 games that he’s coached.
Gene Smith and Thad Matta sat down for a joint press conference today. Smith originally approached Matta in a Friday meeting on June 3, 2017 where they checked in to see what the future holds, particularly about recruitment. There was a conversation about the change and process for transition. Matta will help in the search of a new coach and the transition process.
While this is a tough decision to come by Thad Matta “hopes to be remembered as a really good guy; one who cared about the University and his players. The guys are the ones who get the job done for you. He wants to be remembered for always doing it the right way”. However, his focus now is about getting healthy. The job has been tough on his body and changes and are needed for the future, but he’s always fought through because he feels that’s what he had to do for the players.
There has been some negativity with recruitment and battling things that couldn’t be overcome. Timing is never good for a coaching change.
When asked if he’s finished coaching, he gave the standard answer, “never say never.” His main focus now is trying to get healthy. He may consider track in the future.
More updates to come.