Maybe Next Time By: Stephen Siracusa…. Photo Credit: (Ryanne Louis)

Updated: June 1, 2017


Auburn Commanders vs. Syracuse Strong might have been the most talked about preseason game in semi-pro football. Despite being from two different leagues, the Strong and the Commanders are located less than an hour apart and both won championships in their respective leagues. The Strong won the coin toss and they chose for the Commanders to receive the ball first.

Commanders started on their 17yard line and they couldn’t do anything on their first drive and went three and out. #20 Matt Meckley took the field to punt, but it was a bad snap. The Strong forces a safety on a punt so the score quickly became 2-0 Strong.

The Commanders had to kick off but the Commanders special teams stopped the Strong at a decent start on the field.

#52 Douglas Harrison had a sack on the first play. The Strong couldn’t move the ball so they settled for a field goal 5-0.

The Commanders got the ball on a kick return and couldn’t create a positive drive so #20 Matt Meckley made his way to the field for his second punt.

On the first two plays the Strong had two short runs and then they scored a touchdown on a big pass, and scored the extra point bringing the score to 12-0 Strong. The Commanders got the ball back but they couldn’t move the chains. That led to #20 coming out for the third time to punt.

The first play for the Strong was a short run, and after the run #6 Shamar Williams ran right through the offensive line for the snap. The Strong didn’t do anything on the third play which led to the Strong having to punt.

When the Commanders got the ball back, the Strong’s defense stopped them in their tracks. Commanders couldn’t counter on the punt so Meckley had to punt again. The first play of the next drive, the Strong got scored another touchdown off of another big pass. The PAT was blocked by #60 Colin Dillabough brining the score to 18-0. When the Commanders got the ball they weren’t able to do anything, forcing a turnover. The Strong retrieved the ball off a bad snap, and brought the score to an even 20-0 Strong at the half.

The Strong started the second half with the ball. They scored another touchdown on a shorter pass, and the PAT was good brining the score to 27-0.

The Commanders changed up quarter backs starting the first offensive series with a new QB #5 Danny Giannone. Giannone is a versatile player since he is left handed it will take some training with the team for receivers to feel comfortable catching his passes. You may see him as a tight end or QB throughout the season. The Commanders coaching staff were hoping to get a spark with putting #5 in as QB. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and Meckley came out to punt yet again.

The Strong blocked the punt and returned it for their fourth. As they lined up for the PAT #18 Al Sessions stopped it.










The Strong kick off and #27 Greg Tobias returns the kick within the Strong’s territory at the ten-yard line. The Commanders couldn’t find a way to move the ball over four plays so it was turned over on downs.

On the first play of the fourth quarter #15 J.B. intercepted a pass from the Strong. This was then followed by a huge first down catch from #82 Devon Taylor. The Strong forced another three and out.

The Syracuse Strong scored one last time to end the game with a winning score of 33-0. The Auburn Commanders have until June 10, 2017 to fix their depth charts and anything else that needs to be fixed for their home opener of the regular season.