A Tough Game By Stephen Siracusa

Updated: July 24, 2017

Saturday was a very hot evening but excellent weather for some NFA action. As the Auburn Commanders took on the 5 Lakes Hawks. The surroundings were familiar to the Commanders as the game was played at Lyons, New York high school which was the previous home field for the Commanders last year.

The game started out with the Hawks winning the coin toss but they chose to kick to the Commanders and receive the ball in the second half. The Commanders started off with great field position with the ball on the 35 yard line. # 27, Greg Tobias, would turn the first play of the game into a first down. The Commanders struggled to come up with any successful plays there after which resulted in them having to kick the ball back to the Hawks for their first attempt of the game.

The defense came out with a vengeance and forced the Hawks to punt. Commanders got a first down from a QB scramble by #6, David Jacob. The Commanders continued to roll down field gaining a second first down by #43, Chris Kitchens. Another first down with a big pass from QB #6, David Jacobs to #17, CazzRowzer but their progress came to ascreeching halt and had resulted in a punt giving the Hawks yet another chance to challenge the lead. The defense were strong causing a turnover on downs after #95, Sean Hernandez got a sack

The next drive started out with Greg Tobias, #27 getting another solid first down run followed by James Dorsey, #3 making a catch to get the Commanders in the red zone. #17, Cazz Rowzer completed another reception to put the Commanders on the goal line. Disappointment would ensue when #6, David Jacobs threw an interception in the red zone. Hawks took over again.

#60, Collin Dillabough landed a big sack to make it 2nd down for the Hawks. The Hawks worked their way into the red zone of the Commanders but the Commanders stopped the Hawks on the line at the end of the half.

Both teams went to their respective locker rooms frustrated, the half time score 0-0.

The Hawks started the half forced to punt the ball to the Commanders. The Commanders fumbled within their own 10 yard line to leave the Hawks within range to score an easy touchdown. The Hawks couldn’t get the job done as the Commanders defense held tough. The Commanders forced the turnover and got the ball back but #95, Hernandez got ejected from the game in the process.

It seemed as though there was no shortage of bad luck following the Commanders. QB #6, David Jacobs threw his 3rd interception of the night. The Hawks offense flooded the field and the Commanders defense took the stage again to try to hold the Hawks off.

Defensive end #93, Dominique Sedlak got a sack and forced a fumble but unfortunately the Hawks recovered it. The Hawks were stopped short, they had to punt from within their own 20 yard line.

The Commanders, #17, Cazz Rowzer,made a tremendous punt return and running for a 55 yard return on the play. He then made a great catch for a touchdown from #6, David Jacobs. The point after was no good but the Commanders were up 6-0.

The Commanders were feeling good as they kicked off and the defense took the field. The score fired up the defense. Multiple great stops were made. #41, Martin Fethers and #54,Cartezz Carroll took out their excitement on the opposition showing them how the Commanders can hit. The Hawks attempted to punt but ended up fumbling leaving the Commanders with the ball within the 20 yard line.

The Commanders attempted to capitalize on the turn over by kicking a field goal but it was tipped and swung short. The game ends with #6 David Jacobs taking a knee, 6-0 Commanders.

The Commanders marched off the field proud of their accomplishment. Hope this is a sign of many more wins to come!!!