Kirk Cousins Options By Stephen Siracusa 

Updated: July 26, 2017


Washington Redskins star quarterback Kirk Cousins says he’s entrusting his football future to the Lord hands and that may not be the only thing Cousins has in common with Hall of Fame defensive end Reggie White.

White, the NFL’s first high-profile unrestricted free agent, famously said that God told him to go to Green Bay.It was the culmination of a pursuit that has been unrivaled in 25 years since then, but for maybe the Peyton Manning sweepstakes of 2012.For Cousins, multiple teams may already be plotting to make a run at him in March. Some league insiders believe the 49ers decided to wait until next year as an alternative to trading for him this year. The Browns also were contemplating a run at Cousins, and possibly will do so again based on how their quarterbacks perform in 2017 at some point.

Don’t overlook the Rams though. The new head coach Sean McVay got the job due in large part to the work he did with Kirk Cousins over the last two seasons. If McVay doesn’t like what he sees in 2016 #1 overall draft pick Jared Goff to be the answer or if McVay doesn’t want to have to deal with Cousins as a 49er for the next five or six years, the Rams could get on the list to pursue him.

Other teams also could be interested, based on age, performance, and health of current starters. From the Bills to the Jets to the Bengals to the Jaguars to the Broncos to the Vikings to the Saints (if Drew Brees leaves) to the Cardinals (if Carson Palmer retires), Cousins could find himself at the center of a storm that would shock most observers.

It would shock most observers because there continues to be a “why him?” vibe surrounding Cousins. Part of that comes from the fact that Washington’s default emotion regarding Cousins continues to be ambivalence.

That said, Washington has used the franchise tag on Cousins twice. Don’t rule out Washington using it a third time. Which would mean that Cousins will have made more than $78 million for three years with Washington.

Which should get every franchise quarterback to embrace year-to-year life under the franchise tag.