New and Approved – By Stephen Siracusa

Updated: March 31, 2018
   Fans of NFL football are going to be excited about the new catch rule, proposed by the NFL’s Competition Committee at the 2018 NFL Annual Meeting, because it injects common sense into an archaic and confusing rule. Even though it is to late fans of the Cowboys and Steelers are going to find the change a little bittersweet, however.
That’s because both the Dez Bryant catch, which potentially cost the Cowboys a playoff victory in Green Bay, and the Jesse James catch, which potentially cost the Steelers home-field advantage throughout the 2018 NFL Playoffs, would have counted under the new rule. Yes, you read that right: Dez caught it.
That’s assuming the new rule passes, which is extremely likely. NFL vice president of officiating Al Riveron presented multiple video examples of what the NFL planned to do in terms of changes to the catch rule, including the Bryant catch and the James catch.