Danica’s Last Mile………….By Stephen Siracusa

Updated: May 29, 2018

May 27, 2018 will be remembered by many racing fans not because of anything more than it was the day that Danica Patrick would get into her race car for the last time. Unfortunately for her it wasn’t a glorious send off like she would have wanted. At age 36, Danica has started in 56 NASCAR Nationwide Series races and 9 Cup Series races. To say the least Danica was disappointed in her performance for her last even competition. A slick track going into turn 2 proved to be unmanageable as she crashed into two walls before coming to a halt.

Danica was quoted as saying “Definitely not a great ending,” she said. “But I kind of said before I came here that I feel like if it’s a complete disaster — complete like as if not in the ballpark at all, look silly — then people might remember that. If I win, people will remember that.”

“But probably anything in between might just be a little part of a big story, so I kind of feel like that’s how it is, you know.”

What is important to remember is that this last race doesn’t define who Danica is or was. A successful NASCAR contender made her an idol of women and girls everywhere. She changed how racing was viewed and opened up the door for females everywhere to dream of following in her footsteps.

Family and friends were in attendance to route her on and support her in this historical race. Her boyfriend was also in attendance, popular on his own, Aaron Rogers was seen giving her a hug and kiss before heading off to his seat. It came to an abrupt end during Lap 68 when she spun out of control hitting two walls. After having a physical examination it was determined that Danica was o.k. after the crash. Thankfully her last race although not successfully completed was departed in one peace. Although not a victory it is a page in the book of her career that will never be forgotten by anyone. Much luck and happiness to her in her new endeavors.