BOXING: Mercito Gesta Vs. Roberto Manzanarez….By: Destiny Chaidez & Carla Alba…Middle School Students

Updated: June 19, 2018

On June 14, 2018 two amazing boxers competed in the lightweight championship at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California. It was Mercito Gesta, thirty year old male from San Diego, California. 17 KO’s! against Roberto Manzanarez, twenty-three year old male from Phoenix, Arizona. 28 KO’s! The match was a total of ten rounds. The fight was slightly controversial, but was overall a great match, due to the change in dominance with the boxers throughout each round. At the beginning of the match, from rounds one through four, Gesta was trying to tire out Manzanarez, but he kept coming back and ended up tiring out Gesta. This was common throughout the match, but changed in the end rounds. Round five was an even round, with both boxers getting in a couple really good punches that did some damage to one another. Now, in the last ten seconds of round six things started to get heated. Just as the round ended Manzanarez took a couple good punches to the head that were pretty intense. In rounds seven and eight, both boxers were staying pretty strong, but Mercito threw some head and gut punches that really did some damage on Roberto. When round nine came around, all of the punches that Manzanarez had taken to the head and gut finally started to have their consequences. Roberto actually fell to the ground, a slight knockdown right in the middle of the round. Although he did come back from it, he did suffer from several more head punches in the last ten seconds
of round nine. At this point, most of the audience members had come to the assumption that neither boxer was going to be knocked out in the last round, so the decision of the winner was probably going to be up to the judges scores/points. The last round, round ten was definitely less intense than the previous round(s), but it still gave one boxer some bruises. Once again, Mercito targeted Roberto’s head and gut, resulting in final slight knockdown near the end of the round. Unfortunately, the audiences’ assumptions were correct, and neither boxer was knocked out, meaning that the decision of the winner was now in the judges hands. After about ten minutes of deliberation, the judges had put together the points from each round, these were the results:

Manzanarez : 95/95
Mercito: 99/94

With these results, Mercito won by two rounds. One judge gave Gesta points for three rounds, while the others only gave him points for two. This match became slightly controversial, because Mercito should have won by three rounds, but he only won by two. Mercito Gesta won the belt for the lightweight championships. Overall, it was a very enjoyable match to watch, and both boxers did exceptional!

Interview With Mercito Gesta

As Mercito was walking out of the auditorium, a reporter stopped him and asked him a few questions. Here is the interview:

Reporter: What’s your reaction after this fight?

Mercito: You know, I’m happy, I’m like, uh… I feel good with my performance, yeah. I guess,uh… Manzanarez is not an easier opponent and you know I pulled it good, I won the title, and I’m….I’m confident.

Reporter: He was running away a lot, does that kinda make you feel happy?

Mercito: I’m kinda like thinking about that after, if we, if I, tried to engage he will run because he has to hide, but you know what, I just keep boning that pressure.

Reporter: You wishes for these people from Philippinos?

Mercito: You know I’m so happy for the uh, for the support not just philippinos, but all the mexican fans that I have right here, so I..uh.. I really appreciate everything.

Reporter: Thank you very much, congratulations.

Mercito: Thank you, Thank you